Thursday’s Blog Stop: Rambling Voices In My Head


These are definitely the voices in my head lately, especially with two tiny people screaming at me all day long. I need sleep you guys!

Today The War Inside is lucky enough to be hosted on Rambling Voices In My Head, a blog dedicated to everything books. They ever so graciously invited me to write a guest post about how to manage one’s time as a writer. This is a ridiculously hard thing for many of us writers to do. We have a million projects swimming around in our brains, other commitments, families, and most of us deal with a healthy amount of self-doubt as well. It can be very hard to sit your bum in a chair and actually write!

In my post, I talk about how small goals and letting yourself be bored can actually help with both time management and creativity. It’s all about creating sustainable habits so you can produce great work, and keep on producing it.

Check out the full monty here: RAMBLING VOICES IN MY HEAD

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