The War Inside: Book One in the Horizons Trilogy



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Praise for The War Inside:

“A-freaking-mazing. I love end-of-the-world, dystopian stories, and this one was spot on. [It is] easily as good as The Hunger Games, and I can’t wait to see the reception of this author and her future books, both for this series and any other she might dream up one day.” - My Book Addiction and More

“The War Inside is one of the most interesting and dare-I-say unique plots and world building that I’ve seen in quite some time.” - Patricia D. Eddy,

“For fans of dystopian YA, The War Inside serves up an emotional punch not to be forgotten. I truly enjoyed it and eagerly await the second installment!” - Sasha Hibbs, author of Black Amaranth

“I have a weak spot for YA Dystopian, especially stories with new, interesting twists. The War Inside definitely fulfilled this wish and kept me hooked until the last page.” -Bookworm For Kids 

“The idea that the human race can lose touch with their empathy and love is an intriguing one.” - Portland Book Review

“An imaginative, brilliantly descriptive read!!! I loved it!!! Seriously!” – Simplistic Reviews

“Fans of YA Dystopian will definitely enjoy this unique and imaginative tale.” – Heather’s Book Chatter